Tuesday, February 1, 2011

John Barry / 1933-2011

In 1962, the James Bond theme song was written by Monty Norman John Barry ... but the arrangement created at the request of producers. After a legal wrangle, it nevertheless acknowledged paternity of the theme to Norman while some believe that the packaging of the melodic line, that is to say its harmonic structure and arrangements in assuring the continuity .
And that's James Bond is primarily attributable to the late John Barry. And John Barry was a great musician, period.
Died Sunday, the English composer is actually the more frames SoNotes service agent 007. From the making of Dr No in 1962, John Barry was involved in creating (or partial) until 1987, the release of The Living Daylights.
These powerful brass that you froze the cortex when contemplating the 007 facilities of the wicked Goldfinger was the genius of John Barry.
Inspired melody, enamored of jazz and blues, pop, however until the end of the stick. John Barry is such mainstream artists who have not repudiated the classical music of European origin and its modern revolutions harmonically. In his music for big band which he knew to use all the sections, he was able to integrate popular music of his time - jazz, blues, R & B, rock, etc.. His famous Mixtion trombones, trumpets, saxophones and horn were among his finest achievements.
John Barry has created his pomp, exciting, high-voltage drama, always accessible despite its undeniable refinement. Music fans of my generation have not really realized that when young composers of the 90s as we dug up the treasure and it is claimed. As they did elsewhere with Lalo Schifrin, Ennio Morricone and Bernard Hermann other.
His soundtracks have stood out from his Hollywood stainless (with exceptions), giving the movie mainstream modernity typical of the sixties and seventies rather than dilute ad nauseam romantic music of the last century. Is it necessary to add that his work in America were happy - Midnight Cowboy Dances With Wolves or to quote these famous examples.
It will be recalled that it was (also) the companion of Jane Birkin, with whom he had a daughter - Kate, 43, one of his four children. Sunday, the composer died yesterday of a heart attack. He was 77.

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