Saturday, February 5, 2011

BRAIN: A micro current can awaken the genius in you

But not just any ... However, electrical stimulation of the temporal lobe with a stimulation electrode positive on the right side would provide three times more insight ... this is the result of original research conducted by researchers at the Centre for the Mind, University of Sydney , plublé in the February 2 edition of the journal PLoS ONE. A similar technique was used last year by researchers at Oxford University to improve math skills of students.
This is a technique of transcranial direct current stimulation (transcranial direct current stimulation - tDCS) that alters the activity of cells in specific areas of the brain. An electric current is applied directly on the head above the temporal lobes of the brain.

The purpose of this experimental study was to determine whether non-invasive stimulation of the brain by a very small electrical current affects ...

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