Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Canada needs to produce and export more

A report said that the country should thoroughly review its food policies.
The agri-food industry would be at risk, says a report by an independent body, the Canadian Agricultural Policy Institute (CAPI). This indicates that Canada should review thoroughly its policies affecting all stakeholders in the sector, otherwise the country risks becoming less competitive as an exporter food and may even have difficulty feeding its population. The agrifood sector accounts for 8.2% of gross domestic product (GDP) and is the largest employer in the country.
CAPI, raises several issues that affect the industry: a chronic lack of profitability, increased food imports, the growth of obesity and diet-related diseases, environmental threats, declining investment in research and development as well as repeated requests for a modern regulator.
The Institute advocates three measures to get back on its rails industry by 2025 is to double its food exports to 75 billion ($ 38.8 billion cons today), produce 75% of the food consumed by its own population (currently 68%) and ensure that 75% of the food industry depends on biomaterials and biofuels to generate new revenue or cut spending.
The Institute notes that Canada has moved from 3rd to 7th worldwide food exporters, behind Argentina and Brazil. Meanwhile, imports rose 2%.
"We hope that the ideas put forward in this report will stimulate creative discussions among all stakeholders, from farmers, food lovers, to researchers and regulators, environmentalists and economists The health community and consumers, "said Gaetan Lussier, Chair of the Board of Directors of the ICPA.
CAPI will publish an update in May 2011 following comments from industry stakeholders.

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