Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fillon: "Stop the hypocrites" (Estrosi)

The former minister UMP Estrosi made tonight's "full support" to François Fillon pinned by the left for his vacation Egyptian part at the expense of this country, by running: "Stop the socialist hypocrites!". "When traveling in a professional or private, all prime ministers of the 5th Republic must do so with the resources of the state, the security issue by forcing them," he said in a statement the deputy mayor of Nice . "The prime minister has set an example by setting himself his travel expenses and those of his family," he added.
The Chained Duck, to be published Wednesday, showed that during his Christmas holidays in Aswan, Egypt with his wife and children, Francois Fillon had used a plane belonging to President Hosni Mubarak, he was the guest to make an excursion to Abu Simbel. A few weeks later, the Rais was the subject of a vast popular uprising.
Regarding the trip between Paris and Aswan, he used a French government plane, Matignon stating that its notes and those of his family members had been charged "with the rate established by the Air Force."
"When Francois Mitterrand went to Aswan before the end of his presidency, with the resources of the State and no personal reimbursement (...) I do not recall having heard the slightest protest socialist" , said Estrosi. "The hypocrites professionals and other specialists hypocrisy should be much more discreet," he added.

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