Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Canadian military has paid millions in benefits without authorization

The Department of Defense has suspended the payment of amounts relating to compensation and benefits for thousands of Canadian Forces members.
He discovered he had paid millions of dollars in benefits in recent years without having proper authorization.
The embarrassing blunder was revealed by Vice-Admiral Bruce Donaldson, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, who added that the rules should be rewritten. He however said that no one would see a pay cut as a result of the error.
The benefits covered include premiums assignment abroad, allowances for long assignments away from family, travel and expenses incurred for the relatives of soldiers killed overseas.
The department has particularly taken care of family members of fallen soldiers to Kandahar in Afghanistan and transported to their attending repatriation ceremonies without the appropriate funding.
A spokesman for Defence Minister Peter MacKay has assured that the department would continue to transport relatives to repatriation ceremonies until the accounting rules are clarified.

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