Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The CRTC decision will she last?

Although the recent CRTC decision has generated a wave of discontent clearly felt in Canada, many were surprised to see the federal government save for the game. Through Twitter, Prime Minister Harper expressed concern about the CRTC's decision and its impact on consumers.
"We are very concerned about the CRTC's decision on the bill of the user-pays and its impact on consumers. I requested a review of the decision, announced in the afternoon Stephen Harper on Tuesday 1 February on Twitter. Moreover, a similar message had been posted by the spokesman for Harper, Dimitri Soudas few minutes before. 

These tweets occur the same day as the announcement by the Minister of Industry Tony Clement, of its intention to further analyze the decision of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to end unlimited plans . The CRTC's decision is taking a political flavor.
The reason politicians closely examine the subject of discontent among Canadians may well be likely be held an election this spring. Moreover, the Liberals and the NDP have also taken advantage of consumers, promoting the return of unlimited plans on the web. The CRTC has recently changed the way ISPs will charge their customers based on their actual consumption of bandwidth.
Consumers, among others, fear that this decision provokes this rate increase, lowering the maximum download capacity and billing data reflecting each GB consumed surplus.

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