Sunday, February 6, 2011

Carnival parade almost spring

(Quebec) The evening was perfect yesterday for the first night parade of the 57th Quebec Winter Carnival. The temperature only a few degrees below zero and calm winds allowed viewers to fully appreciate the show.
A large crowd had gathered along the parade route to watch. At the corner of Boulevard and the boulevard Mathieu Louis XIV, the spectators were so numerous that they had invaded the land of homes in search of rare snow banks allowing them to climb high enough to do miss the show. Other, more resourceful, even brought stepladders!
Like the holidays, Carnival has the power to bring families together. Belanger is the case, which last night was to come to Quebec City, Lévis and Grand Falls in New Brunswick to allow the four boys in the family - four future hockey players, we are assured in Belanger - to attend the parade.
Much the same goes for the family Garneau, Boucherville. "We try to come every year with my in-laws for the Carnival," explained the mother Sandra, six, and Carolanne, nine years, moments before the parade. It must be said that step-parents of Mrs. Garneau lived on the Boulevard Louis XIV and the living room window can watch the show without setting foot outside. But for Sandy, Carolanne and their mom is on the outside that looks the Carnival parade. "I'm a little G.O.! It's me who goes outside with the children. And tomorrow, we'll go to the website of the Carnival, "said Ms. Garneau.
The parade began with a series of floats that seemed straight from the imagination of Tim Burton, including a giant carnivorous plant! The crowd was really lively when jugglers have demonstrated their skill by twirling flaming batons.
Then, a float depicting a scene of the 50s where everyone is swaying to the sound of rock'n'roll success of the day made the audience dancing. It must be said that Elvis himself encouraged people to twister. The following car, adorned with disco balls, added to the party atmosphere.
Marching bands, clowns, mad scientists and several dance companies have succeeded until Bonhomme, the true king of the feast, comes close on the first night parade of some surveys of the leg. In just under 45 minutes, the parade had passed, and all returned to their warm home. If the reporter has heard some of the Sun "in the background, it is always the same thing," the children, they would have taken even though some of that "same thing".
Upcoming Events
Teams in the canoe race have much to do, from 13.30, to fight the tide and make the round trip between Quebec City and Lévis on the river ... Musicians and dancers from South Korea, the guest of the 57th carnival of a show at the Espace Hydro-Quebec on the Plains, from 13h to 14h ... Celebrities and former players will play for the Nordiques a friendly hockey game on the ice ring Plains 13h.

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