Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dead Space 2, horror mechanical

Like Alien eighth passenger, Dead Space was imposed in 2008 as a camera horror in space very successful. Effects of surprises, oppressive atmosphere, the history of the engineer Isaac Clarke, designed by Visceral Games, sounded like one of the best examples of the survival game, the spatial equivalent of the first episodes of Resident Evil. With Dead Space 2, released on XBox 360, PS3 and PC, publisher Electronic Arts wanted to capitalize on the mood of its license, while opening to a more spectacular. But if the new Dead Space begins a transition similar to Alien, return, directed by James Cameron, the title with partial success to keep on their toes.
With its long corridors, its flashing lights and terrifying creatures, the Necromorphs, Dead Space 2 is the element of fear of its game engine How not tremble, when Isaac Clarke is attacked in the dark, by overpowering creatures which beset in pack? When a monster pops up when opening the doors of the elevator? Dead Space 2 also introduces spectacular game footage, and puts the player facing some huge bosses.
The game also manages perfectly recreate an atmosphere post-traumatic ... Shadow play in a child's room, desperate inscriptions on the walls of the space station, or story of a passenger who survived for hours in vain without being able to be rescued ... The designers also manage to suggest extraterrestrial violence, as had been particularly successfully, the shooter Metro 2033.
Despite these qualities, Dead Space 2 is a bit too easily mechanisms of horror. Because neither the secondary characters, or the few twists of the agreed scenario, contribute to making the gaming experience truly breathless. In 2001, A Space Odyssey, Alien, passing even by Ghost of Mars Carpenter, there were a range of horror to explore .... Mutations more or less successful in the Resident Evil series, the excellent Code Veronica, Resident Evil 5's tasteless, could also serve as a watchdog for the scenario. While the first episode of Dead Space was deliberately elliptical, exacerbating the isolation and vulnerability of the character, the second - with the "syndrome following" - is also more talkative and overly explanatory ... Far from a Silent Hill, Dead Space 2 also directed a fairly coarse psychological problems of the main character.
With his inclination toward action, the creation of Visceral Games nonetheless allows a more varied game experience. Phases of play with gravity, the possibility of making enemies or temporarily static objects, and telekinesis are better fed. But by abandoning the space station transformed into a labyrinth, and refusing to conquer the fear of getting lost, Dead Space 2 too often gives the impression to the player to play as Iron Man, rather than an engineer trying to survive.

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