Monday, February 7, 2011

The City of Samba share in flames

The fire ravaged much of the preparatory workshops Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
A month before its famous carnival city of Rio de Janeiro is in shock. A huge fire, visible for miles around, was burned down part of preparations for the world event. The accident occurred Monday around 7:00 am local time and was under control by late morning.
A thick cloud of black smoke above the Rio video: 

But a few hours were sufficient to destroy all or part of three workshops of the twelve major samba schools. Here are manufactured tanks and thousands of dancers costumes. "A dream cast into the dustbin"
In tears, dozens of students from schools in the City of Samba rushed there, helpless. "It's a dream thrown in the trash. Months of work and all is lost," he told reporters Jose da Silva Junior, a maker of school Portela. Nearly a hundred firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to nearby shops.
Despite the disaster, Rio has much to ensure its iconic carnival. "The only thing that did not burn, it is our desire to parade," said the tearful school president Rio Grande, Helio de Oliveira. The mayor of Rio has already assured that the City of samba would be "rebuilt this week." The carnival should be held somehow the 6 and 7 March.

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