Monday, February 7, 2011

Egypt: The United States calls to respect the existing Treaties

WASHINGTON - The White House on Monday called for any future Egyptian government to respect the "treaties and commitments" current obvious allusion to the peace treaty linking Egypt and Israel. 
"We will be the partner of a government that will keep (...) especially treaties and commitments that the Egyptian government, and ultimately, the Egyptians have concluded", said the spokesman of the American presidency Robert Gibbs, in response to a question on the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the process of political transition underway in Cairo.
Egypt and Israel are linked since 1979 by a peace treaty sponsored by the United States but denounced by Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr. Gibbs also said that U.S. authorities were not in contact with this organization who participated the day before the start of a national dialogue in Cairo with the power of President Hosni Mubarak questioned on the street.

"We have not been in contact with the Muslim Brotherhood, " he said, stressing "the many disagreements (U.S.) with the statements of some leaders of this organization. "

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