Monday, February 7, 2011

Egypt: Government negotiates the opposition tries to avoid division

This is a historic first: for the first time in fifty years, the Muslim Brotherhood, officially banned, took part on Sunday for discussions with Vice-President Suleiman. Negotiations stalled. Following a meeting between representatives of the opposition and the vice-president, the government spokesman announced the creation of a committee to reform the constitution in March. Largely insufficient, countered the Muslim Brotherhood.
The divided opposition. The opposition is divided on the prospect of a possible GOVERNMENT national unity, and the motion of April 6, for example, has little in common with the Muslim Brotherhood. Part of the demonstrators Sunday however formalized the creation of a "Unified Leadership of young revolutionaries in anger", which includes members of all trends, and whose primary purpose is the departure of présdient Mubarak.
Suleiman refused to take power. The opposition has asked the vice president to assume power in lieu of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian constitution provides that the President may delegate his powers to his vice president. Omar Suleiman refused.
The ambiguities of the American position. After the contradictory statements of Barack Obama and his special envoy to Egypt, who said Saturday he would work with Hosni Mubarak, the Nobel Mohammed El-Baradei did not hide his disappointment. The United States held a double discourse: support for democratization in the street, and support for an "orderly transition" and legislated for the government and other allies of the United States.
The mobilization is unwavering. Despite attempts by the army to peacefully evacuate the place, trying to cut the supply of protesters, the crowd is very large Tahrir Square on the evening of the thirteenth day of action against Hosni Mubarak.
Slowly returning to normal. The partial reopening of banks and the return of the police in the streets of Cairo have allowed the city to resume normal activity of a beginning. Long queues have formed outside banks opened, but the reopening of the Exchange should not take place for several days.

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