Monday, February 7, 2011

The era rather than the 3D

CANNES | Despite the avalanche of special effects used during the filming, the director of the Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, Luc Besson, says he never thought to use 3D to give life on the big screen character Cartoon by Jacques Tardi.
"The story is set in 1912. He had to recreate the Paris of that time and was already a lot of work. This aspect interested me more than 3D, "said the director of Big Blue, during a roundtable with foreign journalists held at the last Cannes Film Festival.
"We're going to make cool movies in 3D, but when you do not feel, do not do it. 3D, for Avatar, it's fantastic. But for a mother who quarreled with her husband in the kitchen, no. The 3D is a tool, "says Besson, who believes that European cinema is still lagging behind Hollywood at the technical level.
"But it's okay like that. I really do not finish the race behind Usain Bolt (the record holder of 100m). They have more money, are technically advanced, but we follow. We're not too far behind. As we are not 15 years back, that's fine. "
Glad to see French actors and shooting in Paris after making a few feature films in English, Luc Besson has agreed that adapting a story for the film was easier when it came from a comic strip since the format suggests a storyboard .
"But at the same time, we read a comic book in 20 minutes and a movie is half past one. The story does not tell at all in the same way. I looked the other albums of the adventures of Adele and I added to the story elements, such as mummies or pterodactyls, which fitted well together. We must restructure the thing while remaining true to its DNA. When I presented the first draft of the script to Jacques Tardi, he made no comment. He said it was fantastic, "says Besson, who did not see the lack of experience with cinema Louise Bourgoin as an obstacle that would prevent him from playing his heroine.
"The experience may even be a disadvantage. I know some experienced actors who play the same thing. What I liked Louise is that she was well trained because of his work as weather girl. Every evening, she had to be inventive for four minutes. Every night. For three years. I knew it would be good. All I lacked information as is if it was hard working and whether it was a good person. This was the case. "

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