Monday, February 7, 2011

A Sunday story

The 45th Super Bowl takes place tonight at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. That the spectacular Packers or Steelers sober successor to the Saints in New Orleans?
It's a classic. Green Bay against Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh against Green Bay ... This 45th Super Bowl will not oppose two of the smaller towns in the NFL map. No, he will oppose both teams mostly historical, entrenched in the football landscape. Two strongholds of the sport, that they amounted to two nine Super Bowl. Two training very supported, too, across the United States. Two clubs with different reputations, where the shadow of two great quarterbacks always hover Terry Bradshaw for the Steelers, and Brett Favre for the Packers. Since only the faces have changed. As their successors, also criticized as they are, have indeed taken over. Ben Roethlisberger was thus responsible for bringing two trophies Vince Lombardi, in Pittsburgh, while Aaron Rodgers is currently writing his legend turn to Green Bay.
A duel of quarterbacks, as always Obviously, a Super Bowl worthy of the name begins his duel of quarterbacks. And again, from this point of view, the 110 million Americans to their TV should be spoiled. Ben Roethlisberger, vying to enter the closed circle of quarterbacks with three crowns (with Aikman and Brady), has a mind of steel. It handles the pressure like almost any other pitcher in the league, knowing full play outside its protection zone. And as Americans love stories, they have already imagined the revenge of a man who missed the first four games of the season after being suspected of sexually assaulting a young woman of 20 years. Side Packers, Aaron Rodgers is in full bloom. For three years he took the reins of the attack, with the daunting task of replacing Brett Favre. If his talent was recognized previously, he had never managed to cross the barrier between a hopeful and a leading pitcher. For the first time since his draft, he finally has the opportunity to get rid of the weight of Brett Favre. Author of the best game of his career in Atlanta, in the semifinals of the Conference, with three touchdown passes and 366 yards in total it seems at his best. The only problem is that next to Roethlisberger, Rodgers still has no ring fingers.
Two great defenses Obviously, the kings in this area are primarily the Steelers (11 wins and four losses in regular season). With Troy Polamalu, the better defender of the year, or James Harrison, a formidable tackler, Pittsburgh excels. Thus, they have allowed just 14.5 points per game to their opponents during the regular season and have conceded an average of 62.8 yards that ground, a record this season. Green Bay (10 wins and six regular-season setback), with Clay Matthews, will sponsor. It has already targeted Ben Roethlisberger: "It will be important to seal it in his pocket for protection." Add to that BJ Raji, author of Winning an interception two weeks ago against the Bears, and you will understand that the team Wisconsin can compete in this area.
Sobriety cons Explosion Two top quarterbacks, two good defenses ... The real difference lies in the styles of play produced by the two teams. Pittsburgh, true to his reputation, a practice football restrained, without too much shine, whereas Green Bay, with Jennings, Driver and Nelson, has revived the day the "West Coast offense", a game very air that passes . Long, teams that prevailed in the Super Bowl were rigorous training. But in recent years, it seems reversed. In testimony last year the spectacular success of New Orleans Saints. The other duel of the meeting will be between the two running-backs Rashard Mendenhall and James Starks to Pittsburgh to Green Bay. The first does the job every game, while the second is the revelation of these play-offs next Packers. Let's also, it is not really the best running-backs in the NFL, but on a meeting they are able to pass over the 120 yards.
On their merits in the two formations are therefore comparable. If the Steelers have the advantage of experience (six titles already), the Packers (holiest since 1997) surf exceptional momentum during these playoffs. In quick succession, they eliminated three favorites on the outside, while Pittsburgh was one of the AFC favorites. And the festival promises to be even more beautiful in the light of the show at halftime. This year, for once, not "has beens" in the program, but the very popular Black Eyed Peas. Oh yes ... sorry Christina Aguilera will sing the national anthem.

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