Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Egypt: Mubarak's opponents do not give anti-

Despite the advances offered by political and social power, tens of thousands of people are gathered once again at this time in downtown Cairo to demand the departure of President. Major new event in progress
Since last Tuesday and Friday, the opposition organized a mass rally this afternoon, two weeks to the day after the beginning of the mobilization anti-Mubarak. 

How will he this time people Tahrir Square, the 

epicenter of the dispute and still occupied by the hard core of opponents who camped on site day and night? This is the big question. This event is indeed a breath test on whether the movement. Last week, hundreds of thousands of protesters had recovered both times. In early afternoon, the place was packed with people, so with at least several tens of thousands of people present and calling for the resignation of Hosni Mubarak.
Anyway, another call was already launched on Friday.
Mubarak promises increases
To placate the demands, both social and political movement starts, the President promised from April 1, up 15% of civil service salaries and pensions. He also called for the formation of a commission of inquiry into the violence of February 2, where deadly clashes pitted supporters and critics of the regime.
... and political progress
As announced this weekend, the president formed a committee to amend the Constitution.

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