Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood on careful consultations

POLICY - The departure of Mubarak remains in their eyes a sine qua non ...
The Muslim Brotherhood, the main formation of the Egyptian opposition, announced Monday they would reconsider their participation in the consultation by the government if their demands, as the departure of the rais, remain unfulfilled. "Some of our requests have been taken into account"
"We will reconsider the whole question of dialogue (...) Some of our requests have been considered but we have not had any responses regarding the most important, like the departure of (Hosni) Mubarak," has told Reuters Essam el-Erian, a senior official of the Islamic brotherhood.
Sunday, the Egyptian opposition has welcomed a positive first step after consultations with the Vice-President Omar Suleiman, the 13th day of the uprising against the regime of Hosni Mubarak. Hitherto hostile to dialogue with the authorities, the Muslim Brotherhood movement officially banned but tolerated in practice and most structured of the opposition have agreed to participate in discussions.
Among the claims of the Egyptian opposition included a new constitution for the holding of free elections, a presidential term limits, the dissolution of parliament, the release of political prisoners and end emergency rule.

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