Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bill 101: critics continue to rain on Maxime Bernier

The final output of Maxime Bernier, who said that Quebec does not need Bill 101 to protect the French language in several bristles.
Conservative Beauce MP made the remarks in a radio interview in Halifax on Friday before resuming his blog over the weekend.
On this website, you could return Monday, more than 200 responses from users. The fifth of them congratulated Mr. Bernier in English.
But in political circles in Ottawa and Quebec, there has been quite harsh on the member.
In an interview, Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe said that Mr. Bernier did surprised him more.
"This is not the first statement he made silly. But this one carries serious consequences, "he added, accusing Mr. Bernier to deny himself in order to boost her popularity some.
A charge that took over the Thomas Mulcair NDP during a press briefing on Monday afternoon.
"Maxime Bernier is playing with fire as usual and it does for its own political interests," he said.
"Maxime Bernier addresses the rights of Quebecers (...) to work and live in French. Neither more nor less. While Harper has an obligation today. It must say whether or not he agrees, "he said, shining the spotlight on the Conservative prime minister.
If Mr. Duceppe Harper suspects share the opinions of Mr. Bernier, the Liberals have offered the opportunity for the Prime Minister to rule on the issue.
Room on Monday afternoon, the Montreal MP Pablo Rodriguez asked Mr. Harper if he agrees with his MP for Beauce. The only answer he could get the government benches was delivered by Minister Christian Paradis, who praised the "Peace Constitution" that his government is the instigator, he said.
Perhaps anxious to preserve the peace, Jean Charest had a more restrained reaction. At a press briefing in Montreal, he said only that "Mr. Bernier had to acknowledge that there is a very strong consensus in Quebec that does not reflect its views to him. "
Maxime Bernier refused to give interviews to the media since the release on Friday. He wrote in his blog, he did not expect to raise such a storm by reiterating his belief that "we should let people act as free and responsible individuals." And he adds that his position does not imply his party nor his government.

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