Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For or against?

The possible transport of 16 steam generators used radioactive Seaway Saint Lawrence to Sweden to be recycled raises several reactions in the region.
In Bécancour Mayor Maurice Richard is not at all worried, instead of the Association of Mayors of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River, which fears an accident could occur, which could cause contamination during water by radioactive materials.
For his part, Richard said that there is much more dangerous commodity that is currently circulating on the River. He added that he had participated in hearings of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the decision did not surprise
"In the committees by the Canadian Nuclear Safety, they have proven it safe. In that sense, we can not see any objection to the route then takes place, "he said.
As for regional opponents, they complain that the views of riverside municipalities has not been considered. Indeed, 114 out of 188 municipalities had spoken against the transportation of radioactive generators.
"They open the door to anything. For transporting anything anyhow. The solution is that they do not carry it, and they import technology rather Swedish here in Canada or the United States preferably, since there are more out there, "says Philippe Giroul, member of the Quebec movement Let's get out of nuclear power.
As Mayor of Trois-Rivieres, Yves Lévesque, he does not wish to comment on an issue of federal jurisdiction, for which he can not legislate.
By late Friday, the Canadian Nuclear Safety gave permission to the Central Ontario's Bruce Power to carry the radioactive iron cylinders which are the size of a bus. The route provides transportation on the Great Lakes from the Ontario city of Owen Sound.
The Commission considers that it is able to meet all safety standards in addition to meeting Canadian and international standards concerning the movement of nuclear materials. Moreover, she argues that the risks to public health is minimal.

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