Sunday, February 6, 2011

Egyptian gas pipeline to Israel and Jordan intact

TEL AVIV, Feb 6 (Reuters) - A fire at an Egyptian counting station that caused the interruption of gas supplies to Jordan and not sabotage the pipeline, said Sunday the Ampal-American Israel Corp., which owns 12% of East Mediterranean Gas (EMG), owner of the conduit.
Public television and the Egyptian authorities have accused Saturday of "foreign elements" from sabotaging the pipeline feeding the Jordan near El Arish in northern Sinai Peninsula, stopping at the same time supplies to Israel.
EMG has advised that "meter station caught fire," reported Sunday Ampla-American Israel, without attributing the fire and explosion reported the day before an attack. The company said the pipeline between El Arish and the Israeli city of Ashkelon was intact.
At the weekly cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel was in any way "prepared for this type of scenario" and that he had "an immediate option to turn to other energy sources. "
Israel as Jordan said they expect that the network, whose flow was interrupted for safety or operational again within a week. (Tova Cohen, Marc Delteil for the French service, edited by Jean-Stéphane Brosse)

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