Friday, February 4, 2011

Hamilton hopes to blossom

The recall in Montreal Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais allows youth to flourish Hamilton.
This is one if the fourth-round pick of the Canadiens in 2009, Russian Alexander Avtsin.
The young man of 19 years struggled to gain a place in the formation of the Bulldogs early in the season, but Pacioretty's departure and Desharnais has opened a door in an attacking trio.
He responds pretty well since he has amassed seven points in ten games in January after having won only eight in 22 games in the first half of the season.
Head coach Randy Cunneyworth loves his productivity, but also hard work. "It comes to the gym early in the morning and he is one of the last to leave the ice at the end of our drives."
Avtsin remains a hypothetical project. He has some talent, but he still has several things to be polished. Time will tell if he accedes to the NHL. But do see the task at such a young age in the American League is encouraging.
"He's not intimidated," said Cunneyworth. I saw him get hit very hard. But it has rebounded. And it does not prevent him from accepting the blows to get around the net. It has adapted to the style of North American game. "
Avtsin, who plays right wing Dustin Boyd and Andreas Enqvist for several games, has the physique of employment to six feet two inches and almost 200 pounds. He has good speed and hands fluids.
"I noticed he plays better and better together, says Cunneyworth. It identifies good teammates with precise passes and there is no opening, he can send the puck in a place where one of his trio partners may recover. I can not qualify as power forward, but he has great range, he protects the puck well and it was easy to cut to the net. "
Bulldogs coach also noted that his English is improving and is well integrated into the team.
"He does not hesitate to ask his teammates to repeat if it has not understood the question. The veterans do not hesitate to advise. It is very popular here. "
Defenseman Mathieu Carle was also effusive in his praise recently.
"For about 12 games, he is one of our best players. He has incredible hands. When it becomes more mature and physically imposing, he certainly will reach the NHL. He not only has incredible offensive skills, but he blocks shots and finished his hits. It will be interesting to watch in the coming seasons. "
Cunneyworth also feels that his chances are good drill.
"It will take time, but it has the necessary tools. There is already a fairly complete player. Recently, he managed to block a shot in a situation when we were doing full-bodied with a goal and the opponent had withdrawn his keeper. I have enough confidence to use in such situations, and he responds well. "

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