Friday, February 4, 2011

Verizon has exploded reservations

We suspect that the upcoming releases of the iPhone, Verizon would be successful, and it is indeed the case: the operator said the event through a press release triumphantly!This is nothing less than a first-day sales that has seen the greatest success in the history of the company. "Better yet: in two hours, the operator had sold more iPhones than any other motive for a first launch day - and when we know that these pre-orders have been placed between 3am and 5am This gives the measure of success of the iPhone CDMA. Remember again that this first wave of orders was limited to existing customers of Verizon, which ceased reservations at 20.10 indicating no longer have any devices in stock.
Next step, Feb. 9 where everyone can book their iPhone 4, then the next day, day of official release. It waits a few lines at the Apple stores and Verizon ...

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