Saturday, February 5, 2011

"It's a decision that Cogeco I understand." - Martin Grenier

The adventure with Martin Grenier CJRC is now complete. If he admits to being sad about the situation, there is no bitter and understands the situation of Cogeco.
The convener of Return for fun and her colleague Sheila Fournier learned this morning the end of their alliance with CJRC. They are not part of plans for the new management team presented today by Cogeco.
"This decision Cogeco I understand it," said Martin Grenier. They flock to the information. And me, not my niche. I'm not interested. My niche is entertainment. "
The break between the two parties was very well done, ensure the host, which makes the situation less bad than some years ago when his dismissal from Astral. "I have no bitterness against anyone and I'm not angry. I'm disappointed, obviously, because I would have liked to continue. But everything was done very professionally. "
Martin had suspected for several months after the end of this adventure with CJRC. "Yesterday when I finished the show, I took the same sentence Edouard Carpentier` Tomorrow `God willing," he notes. God wanted it. "
Since he announced his departure this morning on Facebook, comments of support are many. "It's very thoughtful people. I want to say a big thank you to the listeners. "
Several people have indicated their intention to boycott CJRC after this news. "I do not want people to boycott the station, said Martin Grenier. There are still people who work there, I have friends. "
As for her future, she could be outside the region which adopted 13 years ago. The only option that remains in the region is RNC Media. "We'll see if the RNC is going to taste to approach us."

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