Thursday, February 3, 2011

The job market still strong in Quebec

The Quebec economy is not as strained labor relations between employers and unions. The proof: a newsletter published Wednesday by the College of Human Resources Advisors Chartered reveals that the job market in Quebec is very strong and that employers are looking for manpower.
The prospective study revealed that 45.9% of respondents are willing to hire new workers, while only 3.3% are looking to downsize. Following this trend, the College came to the conclusion that Quebec is in hiring mode.
"Companies have no choice but to turn to their employees to meet customer needs; lengthening working hours, including overtime, is often the quickest solution. Over the next three months, employers expect therefore that the average caseload was increasing in their business, "says the CEO of the College, Florent Francoeur, in a statement.
He cautions that the race in hiring "creates pressure on employers as on employees."
Thus, 25.1% of respondents said that hours worked per employee will increase, while 2.1% say the opposite. 

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