Thursday, February 3, 2011

Revenu Québec: "extreme measures" of perception

To recover the amounts owed, the tax collection center Revenu Québec uses radical methods.
As noted in the silver chain on Tuesday, the Quebec Ministry has a tendency to take excessive measures against taxpayers who owe money.
In Quebec, the center of Revenu Québec tax collection agency is probably the largest collection in Canada, by Pierre Nadeau, tax, Jurifisc inc.
At the federal level, there is no separate agency for the collection and is a division of Revenue Canada that does the work of perception.
According to Mr. Nadeau, the Quebec Ministry has a much more aggressive than Revenue Canada. "They have a debt, they cover it, period," he summarized.
"The employees of Revenu Québec are ruthless, we feel they are in their bubble and they lose touch with reality. Their goal is to collect money as soon as possible regardless of the employee's situation. We feel that they forget they talk to humans, "added Mr. Nadeau.
Most problems can be solved by calling the collector responsible for the file. Usually, people receive at least a letter stating that this is a final notice. "If you receive this letter, expect that things can go wrong. But normally, there is always a communication between the employee and the government, "said Pierre Nadeau.
Mr. Nadeau said that the taxpayer must absolutely follow all notices of assessment issued by Revenue Quebec to inform them of the situation because once the file is sent to the central tax collection, it is too late to do anything whatsoever.
"In Quebec, unfortunately you have to prove our point beyond any doubt, there is a presumption of guilt," said Mr. Nadeau.

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