Thursday, February 3, 2011

The United States paralyzed by the snowstorm

New York, February 2, 2011
One of the biggest snowstorms in recent years hit the Midwest comically complicates the movement of travelers across the country and to it. Already today, February 2, there are nearly 10,000 flights were canceled and some airports have been closed, including Dallas-Forth Worth, Kansas City and Tulsa.Same story for the Chicago airport waiting 60 centimeters of snow. Dallas and Chicago hubs are particularly important in the U.S. air traffic.
In Canada, where the storm arrives, the closure of U.S. airports had a direct impact on many of our airports, which had left the ground planes to get from Uncle Sam

All Canadian airports that offer flights to the United States requests that passengers check with their airline or the validity of the flight.

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