Friday, February 4, 2011

Jordan: nearly a thousand demonstrators demanding reforms

About a thousand people gathered Friday in Amman calling the Islamist opposition. Protesters do not want to overthrow the regime. But they require reforms in the kingdom and express their support for the revolt of the Egyptian people, police said. The event, supported by leftist parties, began after the weekly prayers at the offices of the Council of Ministers, where 400 people gathered. The procession then headed the Egyptian embassy where he was joined by nearly 600 people.
The rally, which took place in calm, spoke after a meeting between Abdullah and the leaders of ISP-based reforms, including a series of amendments to the Constitution, described by the Islamists as "positive "and" frank ". Reform "will lead to the formation of a parliamentary government, while making the constitutional amendments necessary for a political partnership with all political forces," added the FAI. After reaffirming its commitment "to the identity Jordanian, Arab and Muslim", the ISP has emphasized the importance of "civil liberties", the "fight against corruption" and "promoting the national unity. " The IAF, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, stressed "the urgency of serious measures in the path of reform."
"The king expressed his understanding and his intention to implement his vision of reform that will enable a new era," the statement said the ISP, noting that the delegation had given the king a written document detailing their demands for reforms. According to the royal palace, Abdullah said on Thursday during his meeting with the FAI, the reforms had "slowed" in the kingdom, "which has lost many opportunities to progress to the nation."

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