Friday, February 4, 2011

Residential construction in Turmoil

(Shawinigan) Ville de Shawinigan issued for a value of just over $ 66 million in permits in 2010, which is the third best performance since the merger in 2002.
This time, however, statistics have been inflated by a center or a megaproject Bionest as the Gardens of the Campanile.
Residential construction as a locomotive, with the issuance of 115 permits for a total value of $ 22.6 million, the highest since 2006. These investments have enabled the creation of 161 housing units.
Once again, the sector Shawinigan showing strong momentum in this area. Indeed, 38 major residential building permits were granted last year, worth $ 8.3 million. No fewer than 71 homes have been created, which represents 44% of units built throughout the city.
Still, almost all sectors have improved their performance in this area compared to 2009. One exception, Grandma has just matched his 15 residential buildings of the previous year, but with a cut in half to $ 3.1 million.
In addition, the renovation has remained strong in 2010. Despite a slight decrease of 4.7% in the number of permits issued to 666, their value has remained stable at $ 9.2 million.
The total number of permits issued has fallen sharply from 3,199 in 2009 to 2055 last year. This drop of 36% due primarily to permit the deposit of snow on a public area. Only 82 were distributed in 2010, compared to ... 1378 for the previous year.
"These licenses are now automatically renewed from year to year," said Josée Bergeron, an inspector with the Department of Planning and Environment at City Hall.
"The same people were entitled to the permits from one year to another. It gave us a lot of work. Now that these permits are valid automatically each year we receive more than new applications. "
Other sectors
In terms of renovation in the residential sector this time, the school board of Energy has captured almost half the value of the work reported, with 16 projects totaling $ 4.2 million.
"It fits within the overall infrastructure programs," said Renee Jobin, communications advisor to the CS Energy. "Most of our institutions a little dated, so there was important work to do."
In fact, throughout its territory, which also includes La Tuque and the MRC and Muskie Mékinac, CS Energy has completed work worth $ 7.3 million during the past year .
A multitude of projects have been initiated, ranging from roof repair to improve accessibility for people with disabilities, through the beautification of school grounds.
"Most work is completed, but he has yet to finish," said Ms. Jobin.
The Center for Health and Social Services of Energy (nearly $ 1.8 million) and the Collège Shawinigan ($ 1.3 million) have also completed various renovation projects in 2010.
On the commercial front, the new Mazda dealer Prestige Boulevard Royal ($ 1.250 million) and projects to Trudel Square (2.8 million total) have received particular attention.
Other initiatives have stimulated the construction in Shawinigan in 2010. Thus, expansion of Kongsberg Automotive, a project estimated at six million, is one of the highlights of the year.
In the category of residential conversion finally Realty Corporation Lemieux achieved a minor miracle with the old building on Mesar Street Station, a project estimated at $ 615 000.
Year / Number of Permits / Value
2002 / 231330 / $ 843,922
2003 / 267848 / $ 086220
2004 / 260644 / $ 384,161
2005 / 261741 / $ 875,772
2006 / 296978 / $ 216,659
2007 / 304656 / $ 226,892
2008 / 334075 / $ 250,608
2009 / 319944 / $ 987,295
2010 / 205566 / $ 010256

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