Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Levis hiring former number two in Quebec City

(Quebec), Guy Renaud, the senior official who resigned from the administration after a famous Labeaume wrath of the mayor, found the same job - or almost - on the other side of river. Ville de Lévis just hire him as director of sustainable development.
Considered the number two of the municipal public service, Guy Renaud was responsible for sustainable development to Quebec City from November 2008.
He bowed out last November 8 in the saga of the bus lane on the Robert Bourassa, a project that raised the ire of Mayor Régis Labeaume. The latter had publicly called managers, officials of the record of incompetence.
This virulent criticism was not aimed, according to the mayor, but was still prompted Guy Renaud completing a review already underway and to leave the City of Quebec, to the dismay of several city councilors.
In Quebec, Guy Renaud oversaw environmental services, the planning, engineering, public works and economic development.
The City of Lévis was approached shortly after his resignation to propose substantially the same position, with additional functions concerning the management of buildings and rolling stock. "It gives me the opportunity to continue in an area close to my heart," says Guy Renaud Tuesday, his first day working at Lévis.
The new Director-General said to be excited about the challenges that open before him. "The growth of Levis is as interesting as that of Quebec."
He does not anticipate any friction or unease with the administration Labeaume, it has necessarily to be around, especially on environmental issues. "I left Quebec in very good terms," he adds.
"A good size"
The competition to attract a director of sustainable development was opened in the summer, said in an interview, Mayor Danielle Roy Marinelli.
To see her smile, the mayor was glad I waited before determining his choice. "It's a good size which comes to us in the general direction, with new eyes, with an objectivity about what is brewing here," she assesses. For us it is a good acquisition. "
Sign that the appointment ratified at the council is not quite like the others, Danielle Roy Marinelli was careful to call Regis Labeaume on Monday to prevent the mayor of Quebec learns the new newspaper. "Mr. Labeaume said some good words on this framework, she says. He told me he would surely be pleased with us. "

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