Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Omega 3 is good for morale

Franco-Spanish study shows a link between a diet low in omega 3 and depression and anxiety behaviors.
Omega-3 are known to have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels or obesity. It is a fact, these special fats are much better for health than the omega-6. These fatty acids can be present only in the diet because the body can not synthesize itself. They are found in large quantities in fatty fish like salmon, for example. A recent study conducted by researchers from INSERM and INRA researchers associated with Spain, which was conducted on mice shows that a deficiency in omega-3 in the brain disrupts nerve transmission and leads to the creation depression. 

"Our results can now corroborate the clinical and epidemiological studies that have shown associations between a deficiency in omega-3 and mood disorders," say the scientists whose work is published in Nature Neuroscience. However, they should confirm what remains a hypothesis by conducting further studies.
Where to find Omega 3? The omega-3 contained in vegetable oils (rapeseed oils, walnuts, soybeans), seeds (flaxseed, hempseed, wheat germ) and fatty fish (salmon, anchovies, sardines, herring, mackerel). The recommended daily intake is about 1.6 g for women, 2 g for men. In France, it seems that those needs are barely covered half.

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