Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Richard Lachance at the head of Cogeco Diffusion

Cogeco Appoints Richard Lachance Executive Vice President, Cogeco Radio Broadcasting, which includes all operations of Cogeco Radio.Mr. Lachance joined Cogeco Cable in 1999, served as vice president and general manager of Radio Rhythm FM network from Cogeco and 93.3 Distribution since 2004.Richard Lachance has held positions as a journalist, news anchor, program director, information and sales and general manager in regional newspapers and several television stations and radio stations in Quebec.
Mr. Lachance direct the destinies of all radio operations Coegco Quebec. The company now owns 13 radio stations in Quebec.

This appointment follows the closing of the acquisition of Corus radio stations in Quebec Cogeco occurred earlier today. PLUS: Cogeco acquired stations and then sells three

Other changes within the management team have been announced in the same breath.

Jean-Luc Meilleur particular named Vice President, Regional Stations and CEO of Rhythm FM 105.7. Réal Germain became general manager of 98.5, and CKAC Cogeco News.

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