Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tunisia replaces 34 heads of security services

The Tunisian Ministry of Interior on Tuesday announced the replacement of 34 senior security officials, the first step in an overhaul of the vast network of police, law enforcement and intelligence set up by the regime of President Zine Ben Ali deposed.Among the personalities figure replaced the head of the National Sareta, the head of general security and chief of presidential security, key positions under Ben Ali, who, facing a popular uprising against his rule, fled the country Feb. 14 .
Brace Waly Ndiaye, who heads a team of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights dispatched to Tunisia, said the Tunisian security forces had to be redesigned to prevent them from working against the population and that the have done during the protests against the regime of Ben Ali, during which 147 people were killed.

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