Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Storm 'historic' U.S.

A powerful winter storm, mixed with freezing rain, swept from Texas to New England. Thousands of flights were canceled and thousands are without power.
According to meteorologists, a brutal winter or button front will affect one third of the country. They plan accumulations of 70 inches of snow in places and layers of ice up to 2.5 cm in others. In addition, there winds up to 95 km / h.
"Do not go out, stay inside," was also launched as a message of national service weather, which speaks of a storm that could put people's lives in danger.
Texas International Airport Dallas-Fort Worth was closed Tuesday morning because of ice, which also caused school closures and traffic jams.
The Midwest was particularly hit by the snowfall. From Oklahoma to Michigan, blizzard warnings are in effect.
The snow and ice forced the cancellation of 4400 flights everywhere. More than 800 flights were canceled at the airport only to Chicago O'Hare. In Dallas, 700 flights were canceled, 640 in Newark, near New York, and 780 airports to New York LaGuardia and John F. Kennnedy.
The airlines also canceled flights scheduled preemptively 2428 Wednesday.
Missouri, Wisconsin, and Ohio, over 14,000 subscribers are without power because power lines have collapsed under the weight of the ice.
The storm should move north-east over the next few hours. A storm warning was issued for New York and Washington.
The low pressure system is expected tonight in southern Ontario. Environment Canada has issued storm warnings for the Toronto area.

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