Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tunisia: MAM acknowledges having twice traveled by private jet

The series of travel Tunisian MAM rebounds. After his stay in Tunisia late 2010, where she admitted having received "by accident" private jet "a friend", Aziz Miled - near the Ben Ali regime - to get in Tabarka, the Minister Foreign failed to expressly add that she and her companion, Patrick Ollier, still had borrowed the same device to reach the town of Tozeur, located in the far south of Tunisia, in order "to avoid passing through cities in revolt," said Saturday. Two trips to the counter. It's beginning to look more like a provision to pass an ordinary race ... But in his line of defense, MAM has always said that his trip aboard the aircraft was originally a mere coincidence.
"There is nothing new"
The Foreign Minister has again justified Saturday on France Info radio: "This new controversy is totally artificial. I said at last Wednesday that with Mr. Miled, had both joined in Tabarka Tunis and taken tours ... I went to the port of Tabarka, in an archaeological site with friends and we went into the desert ... When I went to Tunisia between December 26 and January 1, there were social movements limited to two provinces ... when I was there was no widespread riots ... "
He concluded: "When I'm on vacation, I am not the Minister of Foreign Affairs, I am Michele Alliot-Marie, who has longtime friends (...) I thought that a minister had the right to have friends ... So now that I'm going to be very careful ... I will not leave the Dordogne ... "
Wednesday, before the National Assembly, the Minister had explained the first time: "Arriving in Tunis after Christmas, a friend (NDRL: Aziz Miled, owner of the airplane and the hotel where the couple stayed) that went to Tabarka, the final destination with his plane, I actually proposed to travel with him rather than make the two hour drive. He did not at any time, put his plane at my disposal, I went with him for twenty minutes. "

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