Monday, January 31, 2011

Australia braced for new storm

Eastern Australia is preparing for another storm, two hurricanes are heading towards the state of Queensland. By Sunday, the first named storm landfall Anthony. The Australian Institute of Meteorology therefore warns against high winds and precipitation extremes. 
At the end of next week, the second cyclone, Yasi, will make its debut. It is currently in the archipelago of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean east of Australia. Yasi seems to be more intensive than Anthony, which does not bode well for this region goes back to Peinda floods of January.
To set the tone, the Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, has called these two cyclones''David and Goliath "... Queensland has been hit in early January by massive flooding after Hurricane Tasha , causing a kind of tsunami inland with several feet of water flooding the towns and villages. Thirty people lost their lives during these storms.

These disturbances are probably caused by weather phenomenon La Nina, sister of El Niño.

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