Friday, January 28, 2011

Bonhomme prepared for the feast after a busy year

(Quebec) The opening of the 57th Quebec Winter Carnival marks the end of a busy year for Bonhomme. In addition to the usual promotional tour on which he forced himself year in, year out, Bonhomme was the subject of media coverage rather unusual. He did, despite himself, the one of Maclean's magazine and was seen with Stephen Harper, then the mayor of Quebec itself seemed to experience some difficulty getting an audience with the Canadian prime minister. And on a sad note, Bonhomme has lost a great friend, Remi D'Anjou, who had already donned the famous costume. On Thursday, the eve of the launch festivities, The Sun met Bonhomme, before his palace, to ensure that the enthusiasm and energy were always at the rendezvous.
Q You had a very big year, Bonhomme. We talked a lot about you, and not only on topics related to the Carnival. Not too tired?
A Each year presents new challenges. It is true that the last was a big year, but even I'm big enough to take! What is important is that we talked about me all over the country and around the world throughout the year. And I enjoyed myself to promote my birthday and I had a lot of fun to prepare. But yes, it was a big year and I had to work hard!
Q In November, you met the Prime Minister Harper in Ottawa. Can you tell us what you mentioned?
A The Prime Minister and I have a friendship that goes back several years. We even set up the tab! We chatted to family and things, and others, but we mostly talked about my great winter festival. Mr. Harper has also promoted and break off a big pride.
Q Will there you go during Carnival?
A I asked the Prime Minister, but, like me, he has a busy schedule. But if he finds a little time, it will perhaps take a small glass of Caribou with me!
Q You've lost this year, one of your best friends, Rémi D'Anjou. What do you remember him?
R Alfie has been a great partner for my Carnival for 30, 35 years and has helped increase its popularity. His death has really done something. We will all keep excellent memories of Remi, and not just Carnival, but in the entire province.
Q Finally, what activities would you suggest to the carnival to have fun?
R First, there is a great opening show with Sylvain Cossette [Friday night]. There are also evening night life for which I invited the best DJ of Quebec to make people dance. Those who want to keep as fit as I can participate in the Sports Carnival. And to see everything from a carnival glance, there is the big wheel!

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