Monday, January 31, 2011

Cataracts are needed in the shootout against the Voltigeurs

(Drummondville) When a competitor has one knee, hurry up and finish it! The Voltigeurs have exactly the opposite yesterday afternoon in Drummondville and Cataracts eventually back up the hill and walk away with a 3-2 shootout acquired against their enemies.
After the first period, few people in the arena Marcel Dionne would have bet on the chances for teammates Eric Veilleux fatten their record. The visitors trailed by two goals and seemed much more Voltigeurs on.
Early in the second, the band at Mario Duhamel has been serving the match on a plateau, offering three cataracts spikes in a row.
Let us give credit to Shawinigan, they blocked several pitches and worked efficiently to a short man but it does not fully explain why the locals have suddenly stopped using their speed.
After the power play stopped, the stage was set to allow Cataracts orchestrate a comeback.
Benjamin Casavant has reduced the lead in half with his 24th goal of the season, Yannick Veilleux then brought everyone to square in the middle third of unsheathed upon receipt in the slot after a pass from Tommy Giroux magic.
The extra five minutes produced excellent trade on both sides, then the shooting was dominated by two masked men who each have arrested the top eight skaters in their face.
Gabriel Girard then added Trifluvien Bouvet-André Morissette to his list of conquests and Guillaume Nadeau eventually falter before Veilleux who has mystified a feint ... borrowed from her boyfriend Jonathan Huberdeau!
"We practiced shooting yesterday and it was fine for me. Initially, my idea was to start but the guys before me had almost all chose this strategy, without success. So I decided to try the feint Huberdeau, which is 8 / 8 with that in the shootings. It's nine in nine! "
Veilleux has obtained a triumph Eric Veilleux 200th since he took over from Denis Francoeur in fall 2005.
"The guys showed character in coming back from behind. We came to work at first but, it does not happen as intended. We reacted badly to swarm applied by the Voltigeurs, we lacked concentration. We're halfway satisfied with our performance, which does not prevent us from enjoying the two points gained here, "explained the little general, who did not give importance to the plate he had just cleared.
In the other locker room, Duhamel could only note that his team had missed a golden chance to kill a wounded animal early in the second period.
"We had our chances to do extremely poorly with cataracts early in the second, but could not enjoy it. In a close game, it's five or six games that make the difference ultimately. Kudos to Cataracts, they were opportunists, while Gabriel Girard has done well, "Duhamel analyzed, which did not linger at the three poles with its shooters while his team was ahead.
"Yes, there have been posts, but there were also shots of returns that we have escaped. It goes back to what I said, these are details that make the difference when two good teams that are competing on good sequences. The lesson tonight is that we must keep the pedal in the carpet for 60 minutes, something we have not made over Shawinigan. "

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