Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt: a country run by the army

Hosni Mubarak must maintain its military as loyal to him ... yet.
The center of the Egyptian capital is squared by the military. It is they who decide who is right or not to proceed. If the mobilization is not weakening in the country, the army seems unwilling to show any sign of weakness and it is now the military that hold the country. "Mubarak is no longer there if the army had decided"
"The military clearly took things in hand," said the envoy in Cairo to Europe 1. "But for the moment the army passes the demonstrators," he adds. In the streets young demonstrators spend in each store to remind traders calling the general strike launched on Monday.
"The army has, in fact, achieved a real tour de force because it has temporarily saved the president Mubarak," Analysis Dider Francis, a reporter in Europe 1. "Hosni Mubarak would not be there if the army had decided," he says, explaining that "the soldiers are the main beneficiaries of these events because the army has opted for a process of transition, it control, to prevent revolution. " Indeed, the military does not want to be dictated mainly by the street nor the pace and extent of reforms. The military could use force
The army does not show the slightest sign of weakness that could give ideas to the Muslim Brotherhood. For this, the military got their hands on the levers of power, starting with the new government. The new vice president is none other than the powerful General Omar Suleiman, head of the intelligence service that has always struggled against the Islamists.
But if the demonstrations were to intensify, the army might be less accommodating. So far the military has left the Egyptians into the streets by ensuring their safety, "but the army could very well resort to force if it considers that it is no longer Mubarak but the system that it runs is threatened, "Didier François analysis.

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