Thursday, January 27, 2011

The comeback of Peter Lambert Sunday

BOISBRIAND - Pierre Lambert will make a big comeback at home Sunday at the Pepsi Coliseum, when he will attend the second round of the competition featured as part of the Montreal-Quebec series, which aired on TVA. Lambert will be measured on the ice at the singer and comedian Marc Dupré.
"I'm here in Quebec and I'm sure I'll be worn by the energy of 16 000 supporters that he's going to be there. I will win this duel of shots on goal for sure, "said the actor Carl Marotte, alias Pierre Lambert.
Marc Dupre, meanwhile, knows that the competition will be fierce as Pierre Lambert won three Stanley Cups with the National in the series Lance et compte, Rejean Tremblay.
"Well, I am well aware that I will be competing with the famous Pierre Lambert in the heart of the Coliseum and in addition to that I will have to face the star goaltender Julien Walsh. I'm not worried too much, simply because the pressure is mostly on the shoulders of Carl, since he can not make look bad in front of all his supporters, "laughed Marc Dupré.
Quebec prepares its defenses
No question for Bob Hartley, coach of Quebec, to change anything to the routine schedule in spite of his defeat last Sunday.
"No, I'm very happy with the performance of my players and I think it would have taken much for us to tie the game. The Montreal team won the first victory, but only by a goal. We are not talking here of massacre. So I'm not in panic mode, "commented Hartley.
The side of Montreal, Patrice Brisebois men did not intend to rest on their laurels.
"We won a victory, but it's nothing, we must continue and win the second game and return to Montreal with two victories in his pocket. We train a lot and we practice our five against five, and we want to improve and get even stronger, "said Michel Gingras captained the team in Montreal.
A duel of guards
This Sunday, the two goalies will be in goal for each team.
"I train a lot in muscle, but I also work my display and my focus, I do not often played before a crowd of 16,000 people and I am a little anxious with it," said Jenny Lavigne, guardian of the Quebec team.
The side of Montreal, the guardian Vania Goeury seems much less anxious than his rival of Quebec. It must be said that the young woman is in her second season in the series.
"I really want to do better than during the first season and, frankly, I'm much more in possession of my faculties. But I must admit that the players before me are much faster. I will do everything on my side to let nothing happen and get the victory to my team, "said Vania Goeury.
The Montreal team does succeed to snatch a second win in Quebec? Carl Marotte number 11 carried by the successful National does win ahead of Marc Dupré solid on his skates? Stay tuned this Sunday at 19 pm 30 on the TVA.

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