Saturday, January 29, 2011

Three Rivers can not treat water fracturing

(Three Rivers) Three Rivers can no longer treat the wastewater produced by the company Talisman Energy in the exploration of shale gas. The City did receive a notice from the Ministry of Environment to the effect that the company has not yet received the necessary permits and that treatment should be discontinued.
Depending on what the city authorities learned of the ministry, Talisman Energy has not obtained the necessary certificates to particular ability to transport water from wells to fracture the filtration plant trifluvienne.
Still according to the City water treatment should be discontinued at least until spring.
Three Rivers had begun to treat water from hydraulic fracturing of boreholes Fort, Gentilly and Sainte-Gertrude under a contract worth $ 192,000 approved by the Executive Committee last December on the recommendation of management of public works.
The award of this contract had in fact caused a storm of protest from local councilors belonging to the Group of Seven and some disgruntled citizens. A demonstration was also held in front of City Hall before the council meeting that followed the acceptance of the contract.
Mayor of Trois-Rivieres, Yves Lévesque, explained that the City did nothing wrong in this matter and it's Talisman Energy, which has not received the certificates needed to move forward with the water treatment.
He adds that tests have shown that sewage from shale gas can be effectively treated in a filtration plant like the sector Sainte-Marthe-du-Cap.
"The water in the exploration of shale gas is easier to treat than one that comes from our personal use. It takes us little time to process it, so it's interesting for us. I would take any time of the water like that, "he said before noting that this contract is very lucrative for the city and he hopes it will not be canceled.
The mayor also believes that the decision of the Ministry of Environment is evidence that this record is a quagmire from which there is the Quebec government is trying somehow to escape.
"One wonders where they go with that and the easy solution is still dropping when we have the opposition", he let fall.

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