Sunday, January 30, 2011

Funding of the amphitheater: Pauline Marois press Ottawa to act

(Quebec) Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois urged Ottawa to turn finance the proposed new arena in Quebec City.
"Our capital is there, I think. And if she wants to afford its ambitions, it takes this amphitheater, "argued the member for Charlevoix, yesterday on the sidelines of the conference of the Parti Quebecois on the economy of the region of Quebec at the National School of Public Administration .
The Harper government has no choice in her untie the purse strings and participate in the financing package. "Ottawa should contribute his share, since we send important taxes. Large sums of our taxes fly to Ottawa, "she said. "Gilles Duceppe often says the federal government was to go to other cities across Canada, then he can say no to Quebec."
Too much emphasis was placed on the new coliseum for sporting purposes, said Ms. Marois. "It is very important. It is a multipurpose amphitheater, never forget. There is much talk of bringing a hockey team, and I wish, but it is also an amphitheater that will host performances, large-scale events. "
The PQ leader has welcomed the latest information as what the group Quebecor Media was prepared to invest tens of millions of dollars into a new coliseum in exchange for the name of the building and management rights. "From the beginning, we gave our support to the amphitheater, but with always the same expectation - and we have not heard others say - a contribution of the private sector. I think it's inevitable, "she said.
Rapid transit
Pauline Marois confirmed again yesterday that his party supports the three major urban projects in the capital that are the new amphitheater, the trams and the train quickly. "The entire field of rapid transit should be a factor in coming years. A tram, train fast, or we talk about other forms of transport that could be used to connect to the Quebec metropolis of faster, but also to the rest of North America. "
The opposition leader also did not believe that the capital is advancing too many projects. All these municipal initiatives have in common that they require at one time or another a considerable injection of funds from the provincial government. "These are projects that need to engage on the medium and long term. We are able to juggle. We can then establish timelines to ensure that there is no jostling if you will, but it is possible to conduct this work. Often the situation helps to ensure that we make choices. For example, the amphitheater, the son must attach. That private enterprise is at the rendezvous, we can prepare plans and specifications. It can happen in one, two or three years, at the same time there is work to do on a high speed link. "

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