Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kristen Stewart, a Snow White dwarf without her?

Universal would like the star Kristen Stewart is the Snow White Snow White and the hunter.Universal has made a big update of the project called Snow White and the Hunter and Kristen Stewart have approached the title role. Basically, the studio wanted a little known actress. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the star of Twilight would be preferred to Riley Keough, Felicity Jones, Emily Browning and Alicia Vikander, who have all passed the audition. Regarding the hunter is finally wearing Viggo Mortensen has the pole Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender, probably too busy at the moment.
Snow White and the hunter, the hunter will be the protector and mentor of Snow White (when he is supposed to kill). The duo will try to escape the evil queen (probably Charlize Theron, still under negotiation), who ordered the death of heroin. So it is a total rehabilitation of the Brothers Grimm tale, where the famous dwarfs will not appear.
Snow White and the hunter should begin shooting this summer, scheduled for release December 19, 2012.

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