Friday, January 28, 2011

Mayor Labeaume avoids the media

Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume not attend the opening ceremonies of the 57th carnival on Friday night. His press secretary said the mayor would not be faced with a barrage of media questions about negotiations to build a new arena.
Mayor Labeaume told the president of Carnival, Jean-François Côté, he feared that any debate on the new building makes the shadow Bonhomme. "I really believe that currently the choice of Mr. Labeaume is that it owns. From our side, we do not change our game plan, we have a big launch tonight. I think we'll have a good media support and we will see tomorrow, "said Mr. Côté.
The mayor has refused all interview requests to explain his absence.
The former city councilor of Beauport, Fernand Trudel, said the mayor Labeaume shuns media, because he fears to disappoint the expectations it has created about a new arena. For his part, Councillor District Vieux-Quebec-Montcalm, Anne Guerette, believes the mayor is accountable to the media and the public.
She also feared that Regis Labeaume evokes the same reasons and it is not present at the next council.
"Here we are going to city council [...] So, is he going away again, because he is negotiating? Me, I feel that Mr. Labeaume wants to give us some positive news about the theater as soon as possible. Again, he has painted in the corner somewhere, "she said.
Remember that Thursday, the Federal Minister Josee Verner said Ottawa had not closed the door to a possible financial contribution.
The Harper government actually wants more information on private participation and cost before making a decision.
Mayor Labeaume said for his part that Ottawa has all the information.

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