Sunday, January 30, 2011

The violence has been 92 dead in Egypt

After the speech of the Egyptian president, on Friday evening, the mobilization continues in the streets. followed that day by the hour.
22.30 U.S. President Barack Obama met today with his national security council to take stock of the situation in Egypt and urged again the power to implement reforms and to exercise restraint towards protesters, said the White House.
22h At least 85 people were killed and thousands injured Friday and Saturday in clashes between protesters and police in Egypt.
In five days of protest, the balance amounts to 92 dead.
21h President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to "initiate a process of change" against the "legitimate claims" of his people, in a joint statement today .
"We are deeply concerned by the events that we see in Egypt. We recognize the moderating role that President Mubarak has played for many years in the Middle East. We ask him now to exercise the same restraint to address the current situation Egypt, "say the French president, German chancellor and the British prime minister in a statement issued by Elysee.
7:25 p.m. The opponent Egyptian Mohamed ElBaradei said in statements to Al-Jazeera that the appointment by Hosni Mubarak, a vice-president and a new prime minister is not sufficient.
6:50 p.m. The appointments of the day are not enough for the Egyptian street. "Neither Mubarak, Suleiman nor is fed up with Americans," responds the crowd in El Tahrir Square to the announcement of the appointment of the head of Intelligence for the post of vice president. For one of these protesters, "Suleiman is the man of Mubarak and it does not reflect a sign of change."
5:08 p.m. Ahmed Shafik, Minister of Civil Aviation in the government resigned on Friday night, would be appointed prime minister and tasked with forming the government, announced including AFP and Al Jazeera.
4:40 p.m. Who is Omar Suleiman, the new vice-president of Egypt? The Express was the portrait of the "Sphinx" in April 2009. "A man in the shadows" noticeably without political ambition but who escaped any information, including the Israeli-Palestinian issue. 4:25 p.m. Al-Jazeera quoted Egyptian agency says qu'Hosni Mubarak appoints a vice-president, a first since the beginning of his "reign" of 30 years. This is Omar Suleiman, Egyptian intelligence chief and close to the president. The images of his swearing pass on the screens.
Sign of a transition step by step? Sign, more, "a hardening of the authoritarian regime," feared Jean-Noel Ferrie, director of research specialist in this country at the CNRS, in an interview with shortly before the announcement. Read his analysis of the balance of power in Egypt here.
3:45 p.m. Street reacts to Mubarak's speech ... by starting to emerge. With probably more people than Friday, tens of thousands of protesters, according to the images transmitted by television.
3:30 p.m. "It's the Egyptian people to decide" and "no country can take the place of the Egyptian people," said Mans on Saturday to Prime Minister Francois Fillon about the events in Egypt. "We must stop the violence, no one can accept that there are dead," said the head of government. No reaction yet from President Nicolas Sarkozy, however.
15h10L'armée Saturday urged the Egyptian people to protect themselves against the looters, in a statement read by state television. The armed forces' call the Egyptian people to protect our nation, Egypt, to protect themselves "against looting.
2:45 p.m. Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Cairo on Saturday called the departure of President Hosni Mubarak. "The people want the president's departure," they chanted in the sight of the army deployed since Friday night to maintain order. 14h15Les Muslim Brotherhood, the main opposition force in Egypt, on Saturday called for a peaceful transfer of power, in a statement. The Brotherhood said his support for "peaceful uprising blessed" and called for the establishment of "a transitional government without the National Democratic Party (in power) that organizes elections honest and peaceful transfer of power."
From 1:50 p.m. Friday, several Internet service provider can offer foreigners to circumvent the blocking of the Internet to the Egyptians. Among them, France French Data Network (FDN), "known for its commitment to freedom on the Internet and fierce opponent of the web laws," said Le Figaro. The mean iron by 28K or 56K modem, use the line +33 1 72 89 01 50 and connect with the username and password "foo". Anonymous, in turn, promotes the good old fax machine to communicate ...
Friday 13h05Le balance is revised upwards. Forty-eight people were killed in protests and riots, according to official sources in the Ministry of Health.
12h25Le headquarters of the State Security of the Egyptian town of Rafah on the border with the Gaza Strip, was attacked Saturday in clashes between protesters and police that killed three people in the ranks of the police, by witnesses.
12h15Le Egyptian government has resigned, announced Saturday on state television, following the announcement by President Hosni Mubarak of the establishment of a new cabinet, expected during the day.
12h05Le Chief of Staff Egyptian Sami Anan, returned to Egypt on Saturday at midday, having cut short a visit to the United States, where he led a military delegation, according to airport officials in Cairo. The army ordered the population to Saturday morning to observe the curfew the night before and not to gather in the streets and main squares, while military vehicles were deployed at strategic locations also overflown by helicopters.
11:35 Egyptian president "must go", said Saturday Mohamed El-Baradei, the most prominent opponent, in a statement to the satellite channel France 24. "I go down the street today (Saturday) with my colleagues to help bring about a change (...) and to say to President Mubarak that he must leave. (...) President Mubarak did not understood the message of the Egyptian people. His speech was totally disappointing. The protests will continue with more intensity until the fall of the regime, "he predicted. "It is time he left," said former IAEA chief, returned to Egypt on Thursday night.
In a previous return, he was described as the right man in the country. But can he play that role? The researcher Jean-Noel Ferrie questioned. For him, El-Baradei is "a man alone. Only because too absent from his country, only because he failed to weld the opposition behind him." Read his full interview here.
11:00 On Twitter, users are likely to relay the message below, to protest against censorship. Chinese Internet users will not see these messages. The word "Egypt" is censored in several sites of micro-blogging in China, and, the Chinese equivalents of Twitter (which was itself censored in China). Response displayed during a request: "The laws in force, the results of your search can not be divulged." The ruling Communist Party is wary of issues of political, democratic demands and disturbances to public order, including overseas.
10:55 In his televised speech Friday night, Hosni Mubarak has carefully avoided the issue of elections scheduled for late 2011 of a possible departure after 30 years in power, and estate ... Now Denis Bauchard, a researcher at IFRI and former diplomat, recently explained to that the question of the succession of Mubarak just made the country vulnerable to "contagion Tunisia.
"After thirty years in power, the succession issue remains unresolved, although Gamal, son of President Mubarak, is on the front of the stage and he is the candidate of business. Since 1952 the power in Cairo, has always been in the hands of the military. These are they willing to hire a civilian, he was the son of a soldier I doubt. " Read his full interview here.
10:50 Violent clashes erupted Saturday in the city of Ismailiya on the Suez Canal between security forces and thousands of protesters demanding the departure of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.
10:40 notable difference this Saturday morning, police targeted by protesters since Tuesday, is absent from downtown Cairo. The Egyptian army, called Friday reinforcement of the police overwhelmed by protests, took position at major intersections and near official buildings.
Pillar of the Egyptian system which provides all the presidents since the fall of the monarchy in 1952, the army's attitude would be crucial, as it will use its potential repressive or she will hear appeals for restraint.
10:30 A French giant Carrefour supermarket was robbed Saturday in the outskirts of Cairo, witnesses said. Dozens of people ran into the street with items looted from the supermarket located just outside of Maadi, a suburb where there is a large expatriate community. This supermarket is located in a mall where the shops are also located in the West.
Late Friday night, looting had been reported in several districts of Cairo, a metropolis of 20 million.
10:25 The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including the recommendation Friday of the State Secretariat of Tourism to suspend the departure this weekend for Egypt, on Saturday advised its website for the French to "defer all travel" to the non-emergency countries.
Friday night, the French tour operators have suspended all departures vacationers expected this weekend to Egypt. The preliminary estimate of tour operators, some 4,000 French are currently on holiday in Egypt. In 2010, 600,000 French people have visited the country.
10:15 A new government should be announced this Saturday, as promised by the Egyptian president on Friday.
10:10 Thousands of protesters already gathered in small groups in the streets of Cairo, punctuated with armor.
10:05 The balance of the day on Friday, prepared to 27 deaths from medical sources, could rise.
10hRetour on Hosni Mubarak's speech: what he said, he did not say, and international reactions starting with the United States, divided between supporting the democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people and support for its ally Arab history.
9h30Les mobile services were partially restored on Saturday mid-morning the day after an unprecedented day of events due to which these services and the Internet had been cut. Access to the Internet, cut Friday to thwart protests against the regime, does not seem to have been restored.
The internet and mobile phones have played a key role in launching anti-regime demonstrations in Egypt at the initiative of young pro-democracy inspired by the revolution that ousted the jasmine January 14 President Ben Ali of power Tunisia.
9hRevivez day Friday, hour by hour. And the speech of President Hosni Mubarak meets with protesters, apparently unconvinced: More rallies are expected on Saturday to demand the departure of the Egyptian president.

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