Saturday, January 29, 2011

The reshuffle appears to have calmed down a little street in Tunis

The consultation has taken precedence over the dispute on Friday in Tunis, after the formation of a second transition government clean of the main chiefs of Ben Ali. The union forces have given their blessing temporary, but Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi focused criticism.
After three days of tough negotiations, Mr. Ghannouchi has largely ceded to the daily pressure of thousands of protesters Thursday night to form a new transition team thoroughly revised. The firm has received the endorsement of the powerful General Union of Tunisian Workers (UGTT).
Five of the seven former ministers of the last government of Ben Ali contained therein have borne the brunt of this sweep, including all those who occupied key positions: Defense, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Finance. They were replaced by technocrats or independent unfamiliar to the public.
On the ground, while the plaza from the government district was calm Friday morning, the situation escalated in the afternoon. Of riot police fired tear gas against protesters gathered under the windows of their Prime Minister and threw stones, noted AFP. Heated debates
Since the morning, hundreds of protesters camped again under the windows of the seat of government debated about whether to continue the movement, while 80% of their requirements are now met.
Continuation in office of Prime Minister Ghannouchi, leader of the ousted government of President Ben Ali for eleven years, remained strongly opposed by the most radical fringe of protesters.
The more reasonable view that it was now to end the paralysis of the country and let the government keep its promises Ghannouchi. But the hardliners feared that the revolution will not be stolen and they swore to keep the street until the departure of Prime Minister.

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