Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shale gas: Arcand defends industry

The Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, Pierre Arcand, extolled the virtues of shale gas, yesterday, before the Montreal Board of Trade, while deploring the "gaps" in the industry.
"Math is easy, he has said. It should improve the trade balance of Quebec and reduce our dependence on oil. Quebec imports for 13 billion and the gas industry can help us for 2 billion. "
Yesterday, several media reported violation notices issued by various companies MDDEP cons, especially for the well Talisman tries to plug it in Leclercville.
According to Mr. Arcand, these offenses are not a reason to declare a moratorium on the exploitation of shale gas, as demanded by environmental groups, citizens committees, and on Thursday again, the official opposition in the National Assembly .
"We have inspectors are watching what happens," he said. Industries are not adversaries. However, one must be very vigilant. "
Mr. Arcand said the shortcomings of the shale gas industry should not prevent the attainment of social consensus on this resource. "The leaks that were detected during inspections, and there were 70 clearly indicate gaps in the work. As I said, and as stated by the Prime Minister, the exploitation of shale gas will be properly or it will not happen. "
But, citing the choice that Quebecers should be on energy, he stressed that "even the wind is controversial" and called for "a better consensus on this issue."
That did not stop in his speech to paint a portrait of Quebec in 2050 where shale gas was completely absent, in contrast to green energy, including biogas, an alternative to shale gas.
The AQLPA persists and signs
Before the violations recorded by the MDDEP, the Quebec Association of fight against air pollution (AQLPA) once again claimed a moratorium. "You have to stop everything immediately," said André Bélisle. This confirms again the urgent and unequivocal to put an end to any exploration activities in Quebec. "
Leclercville citizens for their part, demanded the closure of the well outright defective Talisman.
For its part, the environmental group Équiterre invokes a "breach of trust with the gas industry" and argues that a moratorium is "urgent." "These repeated blunders show that we need a pause to assess this pathway and how to do," said Steven Guilbeault, General Coordinator of Équiterre. "It takes time to assess the advantages and disadvantages, and wonder if Quebec wants this energy sector."

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