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LIVE. Egypt: "We must stop the violence" for Fillon

In the aftermath of the "Friday the anger" and after four days of violent anti-government protests that have made a hundred deaths, the tension is not down to Egypt. Despite the promise of reforms and the expected announcement of a new government, thousands of protesters continue to demand the departure of President Hosni Mubarak. 15.05. The curfew is just starting in the major Egyptian cities. Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched through the streets and call for the fall of the Mubarak regime.
15 hours. The military calls the people to protect themselves against the looters.
14:50. The president of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas phoned Hosni Mubarak on Saturday to express "solidarity" and hope that the country overcomes the unprecedented challenge began Tuesday.
14h40. Provided gunfire were heard in Cairo, near the Central Bank and near a prison in the south of the city, according to Al-Jazeera.
2:35 p.m.. Thousands of protesters are trying now to attack Interior Ministry in Cairo by Al-Jazeera quoted by Radio France-Info. They were burning police cars near the building. Several processions moving also toward the building of state television.
14.30. "We must stop the violence" Francois Fillon said Saturday. "It's the Egyptian people to decide" also said French Prime Minister.
14:05. Exchanges between soldiers and protesters are "friendly" according to Al-Jazeera. State television warned that anyone violating the curfew would be in danger.
14 hours. At least eight people were shot dead in a jail near the Egyptian capital.
1:55 p.m.. 36 people have died in recent days in the only city of Alexandria.
13:45. The African Union is "concerned" by violent protests and political situation in Egypt, said Saturday the president of the Commission of the continental organization Jean Ping, during a press conference in Addis Ababa.
13:40. The Cairo Stock Exchange will remain closed Sunday, announced on state television.
13.30. The Muslim Brotherhood called for a peaceful transfer of power.
13h20.Près of 70 Islamic leaders and trade unionists took part Saturday in a rally outside the Egyptian embassy in Amman, Jordan, to express their "support for the Egyptian people in their revolution against the dictator Mubarak."
13 hours. "The situation is febrile, says special envoy in Cairo the" Parisien "Ava Djamshid. Soldiers were deployed throughout the streets. The police have deserted the streets. And processions of demonstrators converging on the city center chanting "No to Mubarak". "
12:45. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia called Saturday to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to express his solidarity and denounce "attacks on the security and stability" of Egypt. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has also called its direct neighbor, reported Saturday the agency official Libyan Jana, without further detail.
12.35. The duration of the curfew is extended, announced on state television. In big cities, it is now established for 16h at 8am. The curfew has not been met that night.
12:30. The European Union calls for end to violence and bloodshed, while 50,000 people marched in Cairo, on the 5th day of demonstrations against the regime of Hosni Mubarak.
12.25. The army currently secures the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, after the demonstrators set fire to surrounding buildings.
12.20. The balance of the riots is now to "at least 95 dead," says Al-Jazeera. The Ministry of Health reported only 38 dead on Friday.
12 hours. The headquarters of State Security was attacked in Rafah, three policemen were killed.
11:35. The French Communist Party has called Nicolas Sarkozy to "break the silence and shame complacent" about events in Egypt.
11:30. Demonstrations in Egypt killed at least 1,030 wounded in recent days. The army ordered the population to respect the curfew.
11:25. The Egyptian government has resigned.
11.20. The government's resignation is imminent. Hosni Mubarak will announce in the wake of the personality of the new Prime Minister.
11.15. 30 bodies, including two children, have just been brought to a hospital in Cairo, said the radio station France Info. The events of Friday, peaceful at first, have probably degenerated.

5th day of mobilization for Egyptians BFMTV sent. - The news video online.
11:10. "Iran is following and watching carefully the developments in Egypt, and on leaders of the country they hear the voice of the Muslim nation and to submit to its legitimate demands," said the spokesman of diplomacy Iran on Saturday. Cairo and Tehran severed diplomatic ties three decades ago.
10:55. Hosni Mubarak "must go", says the opponent and Nobel Peace Mohamed el Baradei, speaking on France 24. "I go down the street today (Saturday) with my colleagues to help bring about a change (...) and to say to President Mubarak that he must leave," he added.
10:25. The word "Egypt" was Saturday censored multi-site micro-blogging in China, where the ruling Communist Party is wary of political reform issues, including abroad.
10:20. The recent protests have left at least 53 dead, says Al Jazeera. 15 people were killed and 23 Suez to Alexandria, second largest city.
10:15. Several witnesses told AFP by violent clashes between demonstrators and police in Ismailiya.
10.05. A French giant Carrefour supermarket was robbed Saturday in the outskirts of Cairo, witnesses said AFP.
9:50. "It is advisable to postpone any trip that would not have a sense of urgency" to Egypt, says the Travel section of the site of the Quai d'Orsay
9:20. A "good thousand protesters gathered in Tahrir Square in central Cairo, noted photographer of Paris on the spot. "There are tanks in the army but the military let the protesters go on, it's not hostile."
9:15. According to Reuters, police shot in Cairo.
9:10. A significant military presence was noted in Suez by Reuters.
9:05. An AFP journalist was found Saturday morning the presence of thousands of demonstrators in downtown Cairo.
9.00. Mobile phones are working again, noted the special correspondent of Le Parisien in Cairo. The mobile services were partially restored, according to AFP.
8:50 am. "There were explosions in the city center, and the curfew has not been respected," was found this morning's special envoy to Cairo, Paris, Ava Djamshid, adding that it "felt" even the smoke outside.
7.30. "There's glass everywhere ... the carcasses of burned police cars were withdrawn" noted one journalist of Al Jazeera in Cairo on Saturday morning, adding that there was "hours and hours of skirmishes in streets of the capital "during the night. The headquarters of the ruling party was still burning at dawn.
VIDEO. Egyptians challenging the power under the eyes of the army

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1:00. President Barack Obama urged his Egyptian counterpart Hosni Mubarak to take "concrete" in favor of political reforms and not to use violence against demonstrators protesting against his regime.

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