Friday, January 28, 2011

Walmart supercenters come to settle in Quebec

A supercenter Walmart Walmart is a store that combines a big box store and a supermarket. The U.S. giant announced the news this week. For Quebec, it provides three supercenters by the summer of the forty planned in Canada.
"The three supercenters that we will develop the province by next summer are only a beginning. All three stores will be in Laval (2) and Mascouche. We take existing stores to expand third.
Our potential for expansion in the Quebec market power is much more important, "said Chantal Glenisson however, Walmart VP for Eastern Canada, interview with La Presse Affaires. The longer-term objectives have not been quantified. Walmart may prefer to play it safe knowing that Quebecers must first adopt the concept in question. This is not necessarily a foregone conclusion if one relies on the rather negative media coverage enjoyed by Wal-Mart in Quebec.
In Ontario, it's better. Walmart supercenters develops its four years in the neighboring province. 76 of 118 Wal-Mart supercenters have become Ontario. Press Affairs estimated that Quebec could very well end up with about thirty of 51 Walmart supercenters in the next few years if the concept is so successful that in western and central Canada. "We expect similar success in Quebec, especially as we adapt our supercenters to have more fresh foods as Quebecers like them, such as cheeses, meats and bakery, and more fruits and vegetables ., "said Ms. Glinisson La Presse Affaires.
Walmart will attempt in this concept of having 30% of Québec suppliers. The giant does not rest well with folded arms to face a fierce competitor: Target, which has Zellers to buy $ 1.8 billion two weeks ago only. This is a chance as Walmart, the expansion plan is scheduled for some time now.

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