Monday, January 31, 2011

The death sentence for unlimited Internet packages

Agency QMI
Customers of the ISP TekSavvy, many of whom have opted for an unlimited plan, have received an email Saturday that informed them that the packages offered will be capped as of March 1. "From 1 March, customers 5 Mbps packages in Ontario should expect that service is limited to 25 GB of data (60GB in Quebec), significantly less than what was able to offer TekSavvy's decision before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to impose a billing based on usage "could be read in this email.
The CRTC, which regulates broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada, has decided Jan. 25 to ensure that Internet access providers the right to charge its retail services, with a 15% discount.
Consumers have reacted strongly on learning that. "What do you want me to do with 25 GB per month, which is shared with two more?" Asked Samuel Pikelin student at Ottawa.
This decision is equally troubling for companies like American company Netflix, which recently launched an offer of unlimited access to video streaming for $ 8 per month.
Daniel Bader, techno Toronto journalist and editor of the site, the CRTC's decision to force companies like TekSavvy is wrong thinking.
"This is a decision of austerity that will stifle the dynamism of the market, severely affecting the productivity of Canadian businesses and will prevent people navigate as they wish on the Internet." Bader said. "I'm not going to spend $ 8 per month from Netflix so I can not enjoy it."
An online petition has already collected on 100 000 signatures from consumers who expect the CRTC to reconsider its decision. Several mayors have supported this petition.
The petition mentions a number of concerns, particularly regarding the future of companies that offer online services such as data storage or online games.
For its part, the CRTC argues that a billing based on actual usage would more efficiently manage Internet traffic and bandwidth and avoid the service provided to small users being affected by massive data exchange over heavy users, who download data permanently on the Internet.
TekSavvy has asked its customers to fight for that change. "As our customers and all online Canadians, we are very disappointed by the decision of the CRTC. We continue to oppose the imposition of exorbitant bandwidth fees based on the use of everyone. "

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