Saturday, January 29, 2011

New York: A U.S. senator wants to restrict the use of mobiles in the streets

Legislation - The U.S. Congressman Carl Kruger introduced a bill to ban the use of mobile devices (phones, portable gaming devices, music players) to pedestrians when crossing the street.Pedestrians in New York soon will they be fined $ 100 for crossing the street calling? So does Sen. Carl Kruger, who has submitted a bill to that effect.It is forbidden to cross the street in New York by telephone, by visiting their smartphone or using other electronic devices (walkman, handheld) may divert attention. After motorists, pedestrians so.
"We can not be fully aware of what is happening around you when you cross by tapping on his BlackBerry, playing Super Mario on his Game Boy (sic) or listening to music on his iPod, "says the Senator Kruger. He cited the death of a young 21 year old man hit by a truck while listening to his walkman and that of a woman so absorbed in her phone conversation she headed straight into a fountain. (Eureka Media)

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