Friday, January 28, 2011

When Twitter mocks "Potaburuentateinmento of Sony

HIGH-TECH - The quack of the French press service of the Japanese manufacturer laugh the Web ...
Anyone who has ever conversed in English with a Japanese person knows: we must learn to decipher the vowels supernumeraries. "Good morning" for example becomes "Goodo morningu. So when Sony Japan unveils new console and spoke of "portable entertainment", it sounds like "Potaburuentateinmento. An exotic name taken in France by Sony's press release and in Le Figaro, which surprised even the choice of a name "unpronounceable". Twitter is a meme was born.
>> The presentation of the NGP (Next Generation Mobile ", the temporary name chosen by Sony) is to read here on
Thursday the gaffe had his # hashtags Potaburuentateinmento trends in French. Top tweets:

* Geekz_TV: You can take it in my jacket, it hangs on the # Potaburuentateinmento
* N_Aya: But is that the pin Bernard Montiel is part of classifiable objects potaburuentateinmento #?
* Kujafilth: a menu with big mac and a coke # Potaburuentateinmento siou Ple!
Clearly, the statement sent to the press in a self-translated Franglais worthy of Jean-Claude Van Damme, was not the final version. We learn by example "as the handheld entertainment system, the most advanced, NGP," PlayStation "is the core of DNA, and delivered a deep gaming experience for the user to everyone with a sense of immersion. "

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