Sunday, January 30, 2011

The mechanic

No thank you: this is the main quality you want in a murderer. Jason Statham plays Arthur Bishop, a hitman in The inventive mechanic.
The story, of course, suggests that it easily gets rid of bad guys who cross his path. But Statham is best one for you if you are looking for a man who has the composure, which is well organized and takes its time to kill. Even better, it leaves no trace of him or his crimes.
Our methodical killer is not necessarily surprising. When his best friend dies, he is disturbed by events, adopting a low profile when he returns to hole up alone in a cottage somewhere near New Orleans.
Otherwise, the character Statham has little time to spend with her emotions. In what might be called a moment of weakness, however, our clever killer is an apprentice at his side, an embittered young man named Steve (Ben Foster), whose life seems so far to be a real waste.
The "mechanical" decides to teach him the basics of life professional assassin. At least, the young will be entitled to training to build on if ever need a job as a hitman. STRANGE RELATIONSHIP
Mentoring is going well, but the relationship between two men is bizarre. They train together at targets and practice monitoring techniques, and leading to another, Bishop will let Steve get involved on his big project. This will not happen exactly according to plan. Steve is not riding on the rules: make sure the job is completed and the target is eliminated implies a level of violence that would compel moviegoers to press again in their padded seat.
As the story unfolds before our eyes, people soon begin to betray one another. Statham's character has reason to want revenge, something he continues with a blood-curdling fun, and the "mechanic" then engages in a merciless struggle somewhat complicated in a handful of killers intelligent and have also an exemplary composure. The best man win!
The mechanic is marked by incessant bloodshed and violence, not to mention accidents and explosions, but also by sometimes illogical twists that make action movies and adventure so exciting to watch. The characters have no real qualities in society, we are pleased to say.
Statham and Foster are a good pair, so in fact made by you to forget the major improbabilities in the story. (And we're talking about big holes: only say that Statham's character is painted as a careful and meticulous person, but he is allowed to make fun of fashion). The mechanic is a remake of the same name starring the late Charles Bronson in 1972.
It's fast and furious, but also peppered with moments of icy calm Statham really warms the heart on a cold winter day. Ka-boom!

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